05 Sep

About me

Hello everybody!

So, I am Ibrahim Naji (also known as Links in some circles), I do enjoy eating pies and I work for some company called Bigmouthmedia as a Software Developer / DBA / PPC Consultant / SEO Consultant, all rolled up into 1 (pies provide multi-tasking energy and awesomeness chi to help me excel in the various disciplines I practice). If I looked like a Southpark character, I may look something similar to this…

ibrahim naji southparked

I have decided to create this blog as an archive to save off some of the cool things I develop, and perhaps delve into some pretty innovative online marketing ideas, but mainly to impress other people.  I agree I took the lazy way out, in fact I recall numerous occasions when I took the piss out of a few of my friends for installing a WordPress blog, but hey it installs in 8 clicks (more or less). When I have time, I promise a custom ASP .NET website with a VIEWSTATE so big you’ll need to move next to your ISP just to view a post.

Oh and if you want to get in touch, you’ll need to be a robot to figure out my email address!

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