Battlefield 3 “Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors”

24 Jan
January 24, 2012

Ah Battlefield 3, an awesome game, but geez it is buggy.

This evening PC users are being greeted with the following notice on the Battlefield 3 Battlelog page:

“NOTICE: The “Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors” are being looked into right now.”

This is to be honest one of many erros/bugs/incompatibilities the game suffers from, I constantly struggle with random disconnects, incomprehensible error messages and just general bugs while playing the game. In fact I had to wait weeks between updates for an incompatibility fix to come through.

This particular error message has previously appeared in Battlefield 3 (about 3 months ago), were Punkbuster essentially conflicted with Battlefield 3, causing “false alarms” to show up on the server, which essentially means that the server will automatically kick you out, if you’re lucky you could probably get a 10 minute game before being kicked off the server.

Punkbuster has released an update on the BF3 client (version number: 2.287) on 23rd of Jan 2012, try following PB manual installation instructions and forcing an update to resolve the issue.

Am sure the Battlefield 3 forums and BF3 Twitter hashtag are flooding with complaints, you can check them out for any further updates. Official statement from EA on the issue can be found a the Battlelog forum.

DICE did a really good job in Medal of Honor in my opinion, personally, I blame Origin, the weak EA game distribution platform (essentially EA’s Steam eaquivilant).

Anyway rant is over, I’ll maybe fire-up another Spaghetti Western instead. But while you wait, here are some awesome BF3 frags

UPDATE – 25/1/2012 – 10:44 GMT: Issue is still going on, Battlelog forum is chuck full of teenage kids swearing their heads-off, lovely. Reaching about 300 pages of user complaints.

Battlefield 3 “Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors” rated 4 out of 5 by 2 readers

Battlefield 3 “Game disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster errors” , 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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