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Running Windows 8 on Raspberry Pi

18 Jan
January 18, 2013

… Essentially you can’t run Win8 on the Raspberry Pi.

In this article I’ll try and explore the reasons why the Raspberry Pi is unable to support Windows 8, as well as present some¬†alternatives that might achieve a sub-set of the Windows OS functionality.

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Raspberry Pi as a Media Center with Smartphone Remote Control

18 Oct
October 18, 2012

I’ve always wanted to get into hardware as a hobby, when I was back in university one of our group projects was building a Lego Mindstorm mine detection robot, it was a lot of fun working with other people on this project and building out a fully functional robot with an AI capable of navigating a simple test environment, and performing tasks.

That was a while ago though, and between work and consultancy its been difficult finding time to cultivate this interest. Although recently I started reading up on the Raspberry Pi project, how can you connect it up with Bread Boards, Arduino modules and even how to turn it into a full blown Media Center controlled using the XBMC app on your IPhone or Android Smartphone. This I had to try.

Below I go through my experience of how I installed Raspbmc on my Raspberry Pi and configured XBMC media center and the Edimax wifi dongle to stream movies from my desktop PC, as well as control the XBMC media center through the IPhone app.

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