List of all SQL Server DMVs & System Objects

26 Jun
June 26, 2011

As you probably already know, SQL Server has many DMVs (Dynamic Management Views) and System Objects that helps DBAs, these include performance counters, index statistics, resource locking information, user object IDs and many more.

A few years back I found this nice script that returns a list of all the SQL Server system objects columns, and also adds a link to msdn for a description of the object, really handy if you want to quickly look-up a particular DMV (say filter by CPU relevant DMVs).

SCHEMA_NAME(SCHEMA_ID)+ '.' + o.Name AS SysObjName,
o.type_desc, AS ColumnName,
'' + SCHEMA_NAME(SCHEMA_ID)+ '.' + o.Name AS [Help!]
sys.system_columns c
INNER JOIN sys.system_objects o ON o.object_id=c.object_id
--WHERE LIKE '%cpu%'

You can quickly browse the Help URLs in SQL Server, by selecting the link in the returned data-set, and holding Ctrl + ALT + R. this will open the link in SSMS.

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