19 Mar

SQL Tools & Libraries

Below are some of the SQL Server tools and libraries I have developed at home over the years, mostly as a proof of concept, or to aid a project I was involved in, or simply trying to learn a new SQL API or functionality.

There are so many SQL tools or client libraries out-there, CodePlex is full of open-source projects that help you navigate some of the tricky SQL Server terrains, from real-time counter monitoring to implementing a sliding window table partitioning functions, and as you probably already know, SQL Server paid tools providers such as Red-Gate or Apex are invaluable for enterprise level management, development and disaster recovery (as I have learned the hard way). All the tools here are usually stuff that I have identified a gap for in the available online SQL Server resources, and decided to start building something myself.

All code is available under the Apache version 2.0 (whatever that means), you can find details here

Currently these are not under public source-control, I plan to move all my projects into Github soon, if anyone likes to contribute let me know and I’ll accelerate this process.

SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) Client Library

This is a very small SSRS client library developed as a proof of concept.

SQL Server English Thesaurus

An English Thesaurus (ready-for-deployment) to use with SQL Server’s FULL-TEXT Search engine.