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24 Jan
January 24, 2012

Mobile is a growing platform for BI integration, there are many out of the box BI solutions that offer some (sometimes limited) BI integration, I have yet to trial a full BI platform that has mobile OS compatibility natively integrated in its rendering engine

Business Intelligence suites are developing rapidly, and with the introduction of fancy interactivity features on Microsoft’s new Project Crescent (PowerViews), BI products are aligning very nicely with each other, and it is becoming less and less about designing reports, and more about empowering power-users and end-users to slice and dice through the data as they see fit, which makes perfect sense, considering business analysts are in the best position to “analyse” data, not IT (or even BI developers).

Mobile Business Intelligence is on Microsoft’s road-map, and over the next few releases, the SQL Server development team are planning to heavily integrate mobile capabilities to their SSRS and SSAS analytics solutions, the current Mobile BI road-map is split into 3 phases, these are:

Phase 1 – SSRS Mobile BI Compatibility: This is what will be released with 2012, basically through Sharepoint BI Servicing, MS claims that the reports will be supported through various Mobile browsers (for both Crescent and normal SSRS published reports), including iOS.

Phase 2 – SSRS Mobile BI Interactivity: Provide enhanced touch based experience; this was demoed on Android, iOS and WP7. This will not be fully rolled out with 2012. Although u never know!. In this phase we will see the ability to interact with your mobile graphing engine, slice and dice data, and have a rich user experience with your mobile BI solution.

Phase 3 – Windows 8 Wave Experience: Provide an additionally enhanced experience of BI interactivity and possibly configurability of the reports on Win8 – release is TBD and needs to be aligned with Win 8 release. Technology used is undisclosed either (I reckon HTML5).

Now for eager people who wants to push out BI through mobile devices now, Microsoft recommends a list of Mobile BI partners that have integrated their solutions with SSRS and SQL Servers (as data-sources), the one that shines out of the list is Roambi

It integrates with a large number of sources (inc. normal EXCEL sheets and SalesForce), and the screenshots of the moible reports look really fancy! Wouldn’t mind trialing a demo of this mobile BI tool.

Lite version is free for individuals and takes EXCEL only as data-source.

MS Mobile BI References:

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  1. Advantenon says:

    Hi, we have been working with Roambi for some time, and have connected it to SRSS for our clients. It is definitely worthy of the hype. Shoot us an email if you’d like to see your data inside the Roambi tool. We can help.


  2. BI Consulting says:

    For implementing RoamBI in integration with your company data sources, you can also consider this near-shore operation:

  3. Carla Sabotta says:

    With SQL Server 2012 SPI, you can now view and interact with RS reports on the iPad. For more information, see this topic in Books Online —

  4. Cynthia Davis says:

    Forerunner Founder Jason Carlson is the original architect and developer of SSRS. He has now created Mobilizer for mobile BI across all devices and browsers.


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