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Running Highcharts within SSRS (or any JS Graph Library)

22 Jan
January 22, 2013

In a previous post I described how to convert an SSRS graph into a Highcharts graph by consuming the XML output of the report from the SSRS Web Service and converting that to an input for a Highcharts graph.

That article seemed to be very popular (in fact was the top most popular for a while), so I decided to take this concept a step further, In this article I will show you how, using JavaScript injection into SSRS reports, you can display a Highcharts graph from within SSRS itself (just like any other SSRS report) when the SSRS report is rendered into HTML.

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Play Classic Retro Atari Games Online

02 Oct
October 2, 2012

In collaboration with IE9, Atari has released 8 classic games that have been ported into HTML5, these games can be played without any advertisement on  your Internet Explorer (9) browser, or with adverts on any other browser that support HTML5.

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Convert SSRS Charts to Highcharts (Dynamic) Graphs

21 Jan
January 21, 2012

SSRS is an awesome framework as part of a whole BI solution for report authoring, delivery and interaction. One problem though is that the reports produced through Visual Studio or Report Builder are too static, there is no hover-over effect in SSRS reports, and you cannot do dynamic filtering once the report finished rendering.

This posts goes through building a converter that takes the ATOM output of an SSRS chart (1 y-axis Line Graph), and returns a dynamic Highcharts graph the represent the same data points.

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